Our People

M2DO is a multidisciplinary research team, with researchers based at the University of California, San Diego and Cardiff University, UK.


Professor Hyunsun Alicia Kim

UCSD hak113@ucsd.edu

B. Eng. - Aeronautical, University of Sydney, 1996.
Ph.D - Development of Evolutionary Structural Optimization: Improving Practicality and Applicability as a Design Tool, University of Sydney, 2000.

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Dr Renato Picelli

Cardiff University PicelliR@cardiff.ac.uk

Working on: Multiscale topology optimization for structural-material systems.

Dr Zongliang Du

UCSD zodu@eng.ucsd.edu

Working on: Multiscale topology optimization.

Dr Scott Townsend

Cardiff University TownsendS3@cardiff.ac.uk

B. Eng. - Aeronautical (Space), University of Sydney, 2009.
Ph.D - Design & Optimization of Electromagnetic Metamaterials, University of Sydney, 2016.

Working on: Topology optimization for coupled multiphysics problems.

Dr Xiao-Yi Zhou

Cardiff University ZhouX19@cardiff.ac.uk

B. Eng. - Civil, Zhejinag University of Technology, 2005.
Ph.D - Statistical analysis of traffic loads and traffic load effects on bridges: using weigh-in-motion data collected in France, Université Paris-Est, 2013.

Working on: Multiscale topology optimization.

PhD Students

Ms Carolina Jauregui

UCSD cjauregu@ucsd.edu

Working on: Level set topology optimization.